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Luxury Kitchen



One thing that brings life to our world is a perfect property investment. Choosing a luxurious place is quite a task because we always peep into specifications like experience, quality, timeframe and desired automation and layout in our dream place. Well, you have landed on the right site that will give meet your exact needs.​

Aalya Luxury Holidays is a Mumbai based team that has marvellous creativity and a good amount of experience in years that can deliver a perfect holiday look and feel to a space that one will love to stay in. Our experience speaks more than our talk and this is the reason why the architects have been collaborating on us for one meeting where all the requirements and visualization are drawn on a paper which turned into a reality right before your eyes in the given timeframe.

Aalya Luxury Holidays is known for dedicating their talent, skills, time and energy to turn that space into a comforting lively area that welcomes your vacation with its positive vibes.


We have a diverse bouquet of skilled staff who are equipped to beautify projects of any magnitude and nature, having serviced various big and small holiday spaces. Our interior works are planned and executed within a schedule & in accordance with quality standards & procedures to meet the requirements of our customers.

Additionally, with fastest growing technological routes, traveling from Pune or Mumbai to this auspicious location is easier. The MUMBAI TRANS-HARBOUR LINK has benefited the site with easier and faster travel from Mumbai to Panvel. As your traveling time is saved, you can relax yourself more at our luxurious property.


Aalya Luxury Holidays aims to create the areas into a lively space where people feel homely and feel to extend their vacation.

Entering Hotel Room
Couple in Hotel Room


To see the entire world breaking a stereotype of design and bring a revolution in holiday property ideas.

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